AUTUMN (poem)

If you are looking for a  simple poem for your first-graders, have a look at this cute poem that is so easy to learn by heart. It can be followed by some fall activities and crafts (heading to Pinterest to find some suitable ones:) 

This is the visual display I used in class to teach the poem

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A Letter to Santa (Christmas)

Have you already started planning for Christmas? Are you looking for a Christmas activity to do with your kids or students? One of the best traditional activities you can do at Christmastime is writing a letter to Santa. For children around the world, writing a letter to Santa is a holiday tradition that is always enjoyable and fun.

Here you can find 3 Santa letters I have made for my students.

You can download the PDF file below

N.B. Santa images are taken from  Oriental Trading

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Barney - "Lookie, it's a cookie" (song with lyrics)

Another cute song is up on my YouTube channel Enjoy Teaching English. It's a  Barney song called "Lookie, it's a cookie". When my son was still a toddler, he enjoyed watching Barney and I was obsessed with Barney songs and used to teach them to my students too. 
My daughter, however, doesn't even recognize Barney. She's a fan of Paw Patrol series ( a good choice too:) Maybe I will include Paw Patrols in my future lesson plans. 
So here you are, a free printable of the Barney song lyrics, plus the YouTube video. 
If you enjoy it, I would appreciate a thumbs up:)

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 Barney song with lyrics- I love you

Barney song with lyrics - The Rainbow Song

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Classroom Poster (Trees)

Nowadays, it's very important to raise environmentally aware kids and students. And we shouldn't wait for the Earth Day to do that. Why not introduce this poster at home or in the classroom to remind how important trees and plants are for us to keep our planet Earth green and clean?

I got the above image from Pixabay, it's a great site that another blogger recommended me and I can't be more than thankful to her for it is full of stunning images to be downloaded free of charge.

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Rhyming words - Riddles

A few years ago I created rhyming words printables that I posted on my Facebook page and on my ESL Printables account but not on my blog. So I decided that it also needs to be shared here on my blog. 
Teaching rhyming words through riddles must be fun though I must confess I never had the chance to try it with my students, so if you do, let me know how it will go:)

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Grandparents' Day song with lyrics "A Song for Grandma and Grandpa"

A few years ago we were planning a school play dedicated to grandparents so I taught this cute song to my students and made a printable with the song lyrics that you can find here

As I started making YouTube videos (you can check my channel here ) I decided to include this song among my videos. This is how it turned out. If you like it, give a thumbs up and leave a comment. I hope you will enjoy teaching it to your kids or students.

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This is a very energetic song that our Music teacher suggested teaching our students last year and I am planning to include in my curriculum this year too. First I made a PowerPoint with the lyrics and then turned it into a video and posted it on YouTube.

You can download the PDF file of the lyrics below

Watch all my videos on my YouTube channel at Enjoy Teaching English

Hoping you will enjoy it:)

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PRONOUNS (he, she, it, they)

Pronouns replace proper names and nouns and they are introduced to students at an early stage. This is how I do it.
 First I check that my students understand the meanings of the pronouns, then they point to their friends or real objects and use the correct pronouns and later they practise by answering questions, like "Who's he/she?" "He is/She is (the name)". 
Once they have mastered the difference between the pronouns they can do the worksheets below as a reinforcement. 

You can download the PDF file below

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MOTHER'S DAY SONG (for kids)

I came across a very cute rap song from Sid the Science Kid that can be used for a Mother's Day celebration. Besides turning it into a printable, it occurred to me that I could also make a lyrics video that could be used in the classroom while teaching the song. And voila here you are, a new milestone achieved: a worksheet and a lyrics video specially for you to enjoy teaching:) 

Watch the YouTube video with the lyrics below

Download the PDF file below

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EARTH DAY and RECYCLING (songs and a poem)

It is so important to raise environmentally aware students and kids these days. It's good to celebrate Earth Day but Earth needs our protection every day.
Recycling is the only way to protect sea animals and to decrease air pollution and global warming. And this education should start in early childhood, at school and at home, by teaching and by serving as an example.
I am planning to include more Recycling and Earth Day activities in my teaching curriculum this year. To start with, I searched for some cute songs and poems (unfortunately the authors are unknown and the links take nowhere) and turned them into printables.
They are simple and memorable and most importantly, the songs are sung to the tunes of popular songs so you don't need to spend time teaching the tune:)

You can download the PDF file below

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